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We are dedicated to conducting clinical studies and have been investigating the effectiveness of new medicines and treatments for more than 20 years. We have two Principal Investigators, Dr. Aggy Vallanat is a psychiatrist and heads our Psychiatric trials and Dr. Margarita Nuñez heads our General Medicine and Vaccine trials. They are joined by two Sub-Investigators Dr. David Estes and Jera Delibashi, PA. In addition, we have a team of clinical research coordinators and research assistants who are ready to provide a friendly, relaxed environment where you have the chance to help shape the future of health for yourself and for others.

Margarita Nuñez, MD

Principal Investigator

Dr. Nuñez received her Bachelor degree in Psychology at Hunter College, and her Medical degree from New York Medical College. She is an internist and Board Certified Geriatrician who has been a full time Clinical Investigator since 1996. Dr. Nuñez was the Medical Director and Principal Investigator of clinical research site in Florida for 17 years where she conducted trials in neurology, psychiatry and other medical indications. She then moved to North Carolina where she specialized in early development before joining Synexus Clinical Research in 2018. She has conducted trials for migraine, fibromyalgia, cholesterol, osteoarthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, low testosterone and neuropathy, as well as vaccine trials (RSV, E. Coli UTI and COVID-19).

David Estes, MD


Dr. Estes has been a physician for over 35 years. He did his training in Internal Medicine at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn. He later became the Director of Medicine for the Department of Behavioral Health at Kings County, where he worked with patients with mental health disabilities. He became a clinical trial researcher/investigator in 2015 for Synexus Clinical Research. He has been involved in medical trials (migraine, fibromyalgia, cholesterol, osteoarthritis, low testosterone and neuropathy), vaccine trials (RSV, E. Coli UTI and COVID-19) and psychiatric trials (depression, bipolar and schizophrenia).

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